Peppa pig - ​Flying on Holiday

Készülj Te is a nyaralásra Peppáékkal!

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Peppa pig - Flying on Holiday


to pack - csomagolni

to take - elvinni

important - fontos

stuff - cucc

sure - biztos

looking after - gondozás

feed - etetni

Passenger service agent - utas kiszolgáló személyzet

be afraid -attól fél

pop something on - feldobni (gyorsan)

heavy - nehéz

scales - mérleg

valuable - értékes

(Is there) any more? - van még valami?

queue - sor

X-Ray machine - röntgen gép

inside - belül

magic - varázslet

aboard - fedélzet (repülő, hajó)

cloudy - felhős

rainy - esős

sunny - napos

on top of - tetején

up to the sun - a napig

Peppa pig - Flying on Holiday

Narrator: Peppa and George are going on holiday. They are packing their bags.

Daddy: You can't pack everything.

Peppa: But we need to take all our toys, Daddy.

Daddy: Ho! Ho! Just take the important ones.

Peppa: OK! I'll take Teddy, and George can take...

George: Dinosaur! Grr...

Narrator: Mummy Pig is packing a big bag for the holiday.

Daddy: Wow! That's a lot of stuff, Mummy Pig. Are you sure we need it all?

Mummy: Yes! It's all very important.

Daddy: OK!

Narrator: It is Susie Sheep.

Susie: Hello, Peppa. Do you want to play?

Peppa: I can't play today, Susie. I'm going on holiday.

Susie: Oh? Where are you going?

Peppa: I don't know. Somewhere where there's holidays.

Susie: That sounds nice.

Peppa: Oh! Granny and Grandpa! Why are you here?

Grandpa: We're here for Goodie the fish.

Grandma: We are looking after her while you are on holiday.

Mummy: Here's Goodie.

Peppa: Don't feed her too much, Granny.

Grandma: OK, Peppa.

Narrator: It is Mr. Bull in his taxi. He's taking Peppa and her family to the airport.

Mr. Bull: Hello, Daddy Pig. Let me take that bag for you. Wow! Ah! That's heavy. Are you sure you need everything in here?

Mummy: Yes, it's all very important.

- Bye! - Bye! - Bye-bye!

Narrator: This is the airport.

Mr. Bull: Goodbye! Have a lovely holiday.

Passenger service agent: Tickets, please.

Mummy: Here they are.

Passenger service agent: Any bags?

Daddy: Yes, I'm afraid this one's a bit heavy.

Passenger service agent: Don't worry! Just pop it on the scales. Anything valuable in it?

Daddy: No?

Passenger service agent: Any more?

Peppa: Yes.

Passenger service agent: You can take those little bags on the plane with you. Just join the queue over there.

Narrator: This is the X-Ray machine.

Peppa: What's this, Daddy?

Daddy: It's a machine that looks inside things.

- Woo!

Security officer: Put your bags on here, please.

Peppa: Look, it's my bag, with Teddy inside.

George: Dinosaur! Grr...

Peppa: That's magic!

Narrator: This is the aeroplane that will take Peppa and her family on the holiday.

George: Aeroplane!

Narrator: George loves aeroplanes.

Flight attendant: Welcome aboard! We hope you enjoy your flight with us today.

Peppa: Can I sit next to the window?

Ha! Ha! Of course, Peppa.

Mummy: Yes, George. You can sit next to the window too.

Captain: This is Captain Emergency speaking. Is everybody ready?

- Yes, Captain Emergency.

Captain: Then let's go.

- Wee!

Peppa: Look, Teddy. We are flying.

Daddy: What can you see out of the window, Peppa?

Peppa: It's all cloudy and rainy.

Woo! Now, it's sunny.

Daddy: That's because we are on top of the clouds. The plane is flying higher and higher.

Peppa: Oh! Are we flying up to the sun?

Daddy: No! But we are going somewhere sunny.

Peppa: Flying high in a plane, up above the clouds and rain.

Flying high, sunny sky. Flying higher and higher.

Narrator: Peppa and her family are flying through the sky, on their way to a sunny holiday