Peppa Pig - Holiday in the Sun

Készülj a nyaralásra Peppával! Szövegkönyv, szószedet és szövegértési feladat. Holiday in the Sun.

Ha pedig több segítség kell, várunk iskolánkban, szakképzett tanárokkal, kellemes környezetben a 17. kerületben, Rákoskeresztúron!


swimming pool - úszó medence

look after - gondoskodni, vigyázin (valakire, valamire)

suppose - feltételez

sightseeing - városnézés

village - falu

wet - nedves

look like - úgy néz ki mint

gnome - kerti törpe

aunt - nagynéni

antie - nagynéni

uncle - nagybácsi

suitcase - bőrönd

a little bit of ... - egy kis ...

Wish you were here. - bárcsak itt lennél.

delicious - finom

magnifical - csodálatos

Holiday in the Sun

Narrator: It is the first morning of Peppa and her family’s holiday in Italy.

Daddy: Ah! Holiday!

Narrator: Daddy Pig is up, bright and early.

Daddy: I’ll just go for a little walk.


Signor Goat: Good morning, Mr. Pig. I see you have found the swimming pool.

Narrator: This is Signor Goat. It is his job to look after the holiday house.

Peppa: Daddy fell into water.

Daddy: It’s not funny.

Mummy: It is quite funny, Daddy.

Daddy: Ho! Ho! I suppose it is a bit funny.

Signor Goat: This is my daughter.

Gabriella Goat: Hello, I’m Gabriella Goat.

Peppa: I’m Peppa Pig.

Signor Goat: Tell us if you need anything at all.

Mummy: We’d like to do some sightseeing.

Gabriella Goat: The village is very pretty. I’ll show you.

Daddy: OK. I’ll just change out of these wet clothes.

Daddy: I don’t look like a tourist, do I?

Signor Goat: You look perfect.

Daddy: Is everybody ready?

Everibody: Yes, Daddy Pig.

Daddy: Then let’s go!

Narrator: This is Gabriella’s village.

Gabriella Goat: Here is the shop of my untie.

Peppa: Can I send a postcard?

Gabriella Goat: Who is it for?

Peppa: A gold fish.

Gabriella Goat: A gold fish? Maybe a postcard of the sea.

Peppa: Yes, Goldie the fish likes water.

Daddy: Bongo drums, carpets, garden gnomes. Who buys all this rubbish?

Shop assistant: Tourists!

Daddy: Oh! Hello!

Narrator: Mummy Pig is buying lots of things to take home.

Daddy: Mummy Pig, we haven’t got room for this in our suitcase.

Mummy: Don’t worry, Daddy Pig. They sell suitcases too.

Narrator: This is the village café.

Gabriella Goat: My uncle makes very good pizza.

Peppa: You eat pizza in Italy?

Gabriella Goat: Pizza is Italian food.

Peppa: Oh, goody. I like pizza.

Chef: A little bit of tomato, a little bit of chees, into the oven...

Peppa: ...Into my tummy.

Chef: Maybe we let them cook first, now.

Peppa: OK!

Mummy: Peppa, let’s write the postcard to your gold fish.

Peppa: Yes, I miss her very much.

Mummy: To Goldie,

Wish you were here.

Peppa: Loving kisses


Gabriella Goat:You can post the card here.

Peppa: Goodbye, postcard. Fly home quickly.

Chef: Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Peppa: Mmm…yummy!

Narrator: Peppa loves pizza. Everybody loves pizza.

peppa: Did you like that, Teddy?

Teddy: Yes, it was delicious.

Daddy: Magnifical, Uncle Goat. There will always be a special place for your pizza in my tummy.

Peppa: Thank you.

Mummy: Ciao!

Daddy: Goodbye.

Narrator: Oh dear. Peppa has left Teddy behind at the café.

Mummy: What a lovely relaxing holiday we are having.

Mummy: Oh dear! It’s the police.

Daddy: Leave the talking to me.

Hello, officer. I don’t know what I did, but I won’t do it again.

Officer: Mr. Pig, your teddy.

Peppa: Teddy!

Mummy: Thank you.

Officer: Just doing my job.

Narrator: Peppa and her family have arrived back at their holiday house.

Mummy: Time for bed.

Peppa: Can we ring Goldie the fish, Mummy?

Mummy: OK.

Narrator: Granny and Grandpa Pig are looking after Goldie the fish while Peppa is on holiday.

Grandpa: I do hope we are feeding Goldie enough.

Grandpa: Hello?

Peppa: Hello, Grandpa. Is Goldie all right?

Grandpa: Goldie is fine.

Peppa: I sent her a postcard today. Has it arrived?

Grandpa: Ho! Ho! Not yet! But I’m sure it will get here soon.

Peppa: Ah. Night-night Grandpa.

Grandpa: Night-night Peppa.

Peppa: Ah.

Narrator: Peppa and George are fast asleep in their holiday house.